Motorbike Training in Wirral

Motorbike Training in Wirral


Looking to book with Hotwheelz for your motorbike training Wirral? Please read our helpful FAQ below.

How long does a CBT take ?

We start at 9 am and usually finish around 4 pm.

Do I provide my own bike ?

No, we provide the motorcycles.

What clothing do I need to wear ?

Please wear jeans and a sturdy pair of shoes or boots. ( not trainers or tracksuit bottoms)

Do I need to provide my own helmet ?

No, helmets are provided, but if you have your own equipment please feel free to bring it.

Do I need to take a theory test before the CBT ?

No, but we advise you to read through the Highway Code for your own safety.

Do I need to do another CBT to move from an automatic to a geared bike ?

No, as long as the CBT is in force there is no need, but we would recommend further training before moving over from an automatic to a geared bike.

What is the ratio of instructor to student ?

On the road training there will be a maximum of two students to one instructor.

Is a CBT a test ?

No , it’s a training course , it’s not a pass or fail . You just need to reach the required standard of safety before the certificate is issued.

Do I need a licence ?

Yes , you need a licence with provisional entitlement for “P” moped, or “A” motorcycle, which you can apply for.

What size bike can I ride at 16 years ?

Up to 49cc with a design speed or not more than 31mph (50kph)

What size bike can I ride at 17 years ?

Up to a 125cc, as long as it’s not more than 14.6bhp

How long does a CBT certificate last ?

At present a CBT is valid for two years.

Can I use my own bike?

Yes, it needs to be road worthy and legal, and display full sized “L” plates front and back.

If I pass my practical test on a 125cc , what size bike can I ride ?

You can ride a bike of not more than 125cc.

Do I have to take my theory test before my practical test ?

Yes , but you may begin your training before taking your theory test.

Is there a quicker way to get to a ride a bigger bike ?

Yes, it’s called a ‘Direct Access Scheme’ and is available to  people of 24 years and over, and provides a fast track route to larger bikes.

How long does the training take ?

With everybody learning at a different rate it is difficult to give an exact time frame, but on average somebody with a little motorcycle experience and some road sense, 12-15 hours post CBT training is usually sufficient.

How long does the practical test take ?

A. It is approx 45 mins from start to finish, including briefings.

Motorbike Courses in Wirral

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